Rationale for World Languages

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It seems like any rationale for students to take World Languages would be unnecessary.  After all, it will be a requirement soon…  You need it to graduate!  Nonetheless, we will be teaching to all students soon.  We are used to primarily teaching only students interested in World Languages, now we will join core classes and see what it is like to teach all students.

This, to me, makes a repertoire of rationale even more important.  More than ever we will have students and parents asking “Why do I have to take this?” & “Why is it important?”.

The following are resources I have used
Some web sites:
Routes into Languages
The World Speaks French
Why Study Languages:  E. L. Easton
Why Study Languages: University of Tennessee
Larry Ferlazzo’s compilation: Best Resources for Learning the Advantages of Being Bilingual

and some brochures:
Information for Parents on Second Language Acquisition
Why, How & When Should My Child Learn A Second Language
Knowing Other Languages Brings Opportunities
Language Study ion the Age of Globilization
from ACTFL:  brochures video

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